Student Fees, Fines & Charges

  • New Albany Middle and High School charge specific fees for activities and courses. Such fees, or charges are determined by the cost of materials, shipping/handling fees and add-on fees for loss or damage to school property. The school and staff do not make a profit. Due to schedule changes at the beginning of school, fee notices are posted electronically to a student’s PowerSchool account and can be paid via

    Parents will be notified when fees have been posted via email or newsletter. Fees may be put on a payment plan in situations where there is financial hardship. Please contact the building principal.

    Students using school property and equipment can be fined for excessive wear and abuse of the property and equipment. The fine is used to pay for the damage, not to make a profit. 18 Late fines can be avoided when students return borrowed materials promptly. Others may need their use. Failure to pay fines, fees, or charges may result in the withholding of grades, credits and/or diplomas.

2023-2024 Board Approved School Fees

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