NAPLS School-Age Child Care Program

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    The New Albany-Plain Local School District School-Age Child Care Program provides quality school-age programming for children attending grades K-5.  The school-age child care program, Eagle’s Nest, is located at the New Albany Primary School.

    Eagle's Nest is available Monday through Friday or when school is in session. We welcome your students beginning at 6:30 am until the start of their school day for morning care, and from the end of your student's school day until 6:00 pm for afternoon care. Kindergarten students must arrive no later than 8:40 am in order to ride the shuttle to the Early Learning Center. Eagle's Nest follows the NAPLS school calendar and is open for child care on the days that your student has school on campus. Breakfast ends for morning students at 8:15 am, and snack is available for students who attend in the afternoon.

    Please note that students enrolled in Eagle's Nest are ineligible for NAPLS bus transportation for the part of the day for which they are registered, which includes temporary schedule changes. Children registered for morning care are not eligible for morning transportation to school. Students registered for afternoon care are not eligible for afternoon transportation home. Students registered for both sessions of Eagle's Nest are ineligible for transportation either to or from school.

    The Eagle’s Nest Program is aligned with New Albany’s purpose to create a culture of accountability that achieves the best academic and developmental outcomes for each student. With friendly and caring staff, our program offers opportunities for students to exhibit independence, initiative, and creative thinking; to develop a sense of community with same-age and different-age peers; and to practice positive social behaviors. Our students have opportunities for indoor and outdoor recreation as well as homework assistance for Intermediate School students. Eagle’s Nest is a tuition-based program and operates financially independently of New Albany-Plain Local Schools.

Answers To Your Questions

  • Where is Eagle's Nest held?

    All students are dropped off and picked up at the Primary School. All students will attend morning Eagle's Nest in the Primary School, including ELC students and Intermediate students.

    When can we begin picking up students after school?

    Intermediate students will begin afternoon Eagle's Nest time in the Intermediate School for homework hour/game time at dismissal. Intermediate students can be picked up at the Primary School starting at 4:00 pm, after their daily transition to the Primary School is complete.

    ELC and Primary School students can be picked up beginning at 4:00 pm, once their transition to the Primary School Eagle's Nest area is complete and attendance has been taken.

    Any families needing pick up before 4:00 pm will use the family pickup at regular school dismissal time following the established school dismissal procedures.

    What health and safety protocols are followed?

     Our daily and weekly procedures are intended to help reduce or mitigate communicable disease risks. 

    • Increased scheduled handwashing times
    • Sanitizing supplies for students and staff in every activity area
    • Consistent staff and student grouping 
    • Assigned grouping at snack
    • Organized materials and activities by groups- no community supplies
    • Curbside drop off and pickup
    • Environmental cleaning intensity and frequency increased with EPA-approved products

    Does my child wear a face-covering during Eagle’s Nest?

    Eagle’s Nest will follow the same guidelines that are in place during the school day, so if face coverings are required for students during the school day, they will be required during Eagle’s Nest.

    What if I decide that I want my student to ride the bus?

    Once your student has been officially unenrolled through the Eagle's Nest office following our withdrawal policy, transportation will be notified to add your student to the appropriate bus route for the part of the day when they are no longer enrolled in Eagle's Nest.

    Can I pay tuition a semester or a year in advance?

    Tuition will be accepted for up to two months at a time as posted in student accounts. Payments are made electronically.

    Where do I pay tuition?

    Monthly tuition is paid through the family's PaySchools Central account. There is no automatic payment option for Eagle's Nest; families must initiate payments.

    Do tuition payments vary based on the days/weeks of care?

    Tuition is divided into equal monthly payments beginning in August. No payment is due in December. Enrollment is considered full time.

    What if I enroll but decide before the school year starts not to send my child to Eagle’s Nest?

    You will be responsible for the $75 non-refundable deposit. If you cancel your registration by August 1 at 3:00 pm EST, you will not be responsible for the first month’s tuition.