NAHS House Mission Statement

    The New Albany High School House System is a supportive community that provides leadership, service, and academic opportunities to all students. 

    At New Albany High School, over 1,500 students are afforded a variety of opportunities that challenge and provide growth and preparation for success. With more than 97 percent of graduates pursuing higher education, the high school is preparing leaders for tomorrow.

    Students are experience new ways to work and learn together, supported by a system called House. Think of it as taking the environment of a large campus and making it a smaller school experience. High school students are grouped into one of eight “houses” aptly named after eight historic New Albany schoolhouses. The focus of House is to provide support, introduce teamwork and instill pride in their House and each other. Independent thinking and self-directed learning are desired outcomes of the House period each day. There is only one other high school in Ohio that we know of that is offering a similar experience to its students.

House Events & Activities

  • Through out the school year, the following events and activities will be incorporated into House: Powder Puff, Canned Food Drive, MatBall, Euchre, Winter service project, Jeopardy, Peace Games and more!

House Meetings

  • During the school year, House will be meeting for 30 minutes every Wednesday. During this time, students will be engaging in community-building activities that foster positive relationships between students and staff. House programming is intentional and there is something for everyone to get involved in!

NAHS Houses

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