Academic Achievement at NAPLS

  • Ensuring the students of New Albany-Plain Local Schools achieve at the highest possible levels is the foundation of what we are as a school district. As a Learning Community, we have established high expectations for ourselves, and we are continually seeking out ideas and suggestions for improvement. It is our foremost goal to provide our Learning Community with accurate, timely, objective, and relevant information with respect to our academic successes and areas of improvement. Should you have specific questions about the contents of any of the information contained on this Web page, please don't hesitate to contact a staff member or the district's Communications Office for assistance.

Message from Superintendent Sawyers

  • Dear New Albany Parents, Families, Staff & Community Members,

    The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) released the 2019 Ohio School Report Cards for districts and schools, showing how each performed during the 2018-2019 school year. Ohio continues to raise expectations for how its schools perform with the goal to have students better prepared to complete post-high school education and to meet the ever-increasing skill demands of today’s employers.

    We continue to welcome the standards and accountability measures that the state report card provides. It’s one of a number of data sources that the District uses to strengthen our focus on continuous improvement. The results from ODE illustrate that we have improved academic outcomes for students across our school district. Achievement levels have increased again! Much like school districts across Franklin County and the State of Ohio, we clearly have strengths and opportunities for continuous improvement, but the increases earned must be celebrated.

    Districts and schools are being graded on six components for the 2018-19 school year in addition to other measures. The six components are:

    • Achievement (how well students performed on state tests)
    • Progress (the growth all students make based on their past performance)
    • Gap Closing (how well schools are doing in closing the achievement gap between students based on income, race, ethnicity or disability)
    • Graduation Rate
    • K-3 Literacy
    • Prepared for Success (a measurement of how well-prepared students are for college and technical training).

    We publicly presented our district and building level preliminary report card data at a recent Board of Education meeting. The presentation may be accessed here.

    • The 2019 Local Report Cards include an OVERALL letter grade for the school district and each school building.

    • Our DISTRICT earned an overall A grade! Awesome!

    • Only 31 of 608 school districts in the State of Ohio earned an overall A grade.

    • Additionally, based upon the levels of student achievement demonstrated, our school district ranking increased from #19 of 608 school districts to #17!

    • Increased academic outcomes with sustained fiscal responsibility fulfills our current commitment of being ranked in the top 5% of all public school districts in Ohio in just 2 years. #17 places us in the top 2.796% of all public school districts in Ohio.

    • Our Commitment to Excellence will continue as we now aspire to be ranked in the Top 10 of all public schools in Ohio by 2023.

    Specific district-level state report card grades or measures include:

    • Achievement: B (22 of 24 Test Indicators; 106.0 points of a possible 120 points for student performance index levels on the tests) - 0.4 points higher than last year

    • Gifted Indicator: MET

    • Gap Closing: A

    • Graduation Rate: A (both 4 and 5 year ratings)

    • K-3 Literacy: NR (not reported at district level)

    • Third Grade Reading Guarantee: 100% of Students MET; NO retentions

    • Value-Added Progress: A (Measure of the student growth over one year)

    • Prepared for Success: B (Measures of how well prepared students are for college and technical training)

    Prepared for Success

    2019 Local Report Card Financial Data:
    Classroom Instruction: $45,491,223.73
    Non-Classroom: $20,372,776.94
    Total: $65,864,000.67
    Operating Spending Per Pupil: $11,291.00

    The administration is actively working to disaggregate the ODE data now available and will continue to provide you with additional information that recognizes our strengths and specific areas for continuous improvement. Additional information for our school buildings is available from ODE via 2018-2019 Local Report Cards.

    We expect students to achieve at high levels on assessments, and these results are just one benchmark that we will use to guide our improvement in order to provide the quality and rigor that our students deserve and our community expects. Together, we have the ability to create a culture of accountability that achieves the best academic and developmental outcomes for students. Thank you for your continued support and partnership for our learning community.


    Michael Sawyers
    New Albany-Plain Local Schools