• Dear New Albany Parents,

    In planning for the unique nature of the 2020-2021 school year, last spring we selected a team of New Albany teachers to begin creating recorded lessons for reading, writing, and math that align with our school district curriculum for Wilson Reading Fundations (K-3), Units of Study in Reading (4-6), Units of Study in Writing (K-6), and Bridges in Mathematics (K-5).

    The New Albany teacher leaders created these lessons for a variety of situations, including:

    1) As a supplement to daily live instruction for students in the Elementary Virtual Learning Program;

    2) As a resource for in-person students on days they are home if in a “hybrid” attendance model;

    3) As a resource for in-person students who are quarantined due to close contact with someone identified with COVID-19;

    4) As a supplement to live instruction if in-person students move to a 100% remote eLearning model due to the pandemic.

    These lessons were created by our teachers using recording and software tools with the specific needs of New Albany elementary remote learners in mind. While recorded lessons cannot fully replace the experience of in-school, real-time interaction between teacher and child in typical school years at the ELC, Primary, or Intermediate Schools, we are fortunate to have this library of lessons available for our students as we navigate the challenges of this school year.

    I hope you enjoy learning more about the talented team that has been working on these outstanding lessons for your children.


    Scott Emery
    Director of Elementary Education