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New Albany Virtual Learning Program (VLP)

  • As announced at the July 9, 2020 Board of Education meeting, parents who select a 100% online program will be able to access courses through a curriculum provider specializing in online learning, paid for by the District, pending satisfactory progress or course completion.

    New Albany-Plain Local School District leadership is recommending that our Board of Education contract with the personalized learning platform SchoolsPLP as the online service provider for our students that are registered for 100% online learning through the NAPLS Virtual Learning Program (VLP).  The school district is providing the 100% online option for parents who choose to not have their students return to the school campus for at least the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year.  

    For families choosing the VLP, be assured that New Albany teachers will be involved in the education of your child.  Final plans for the teachers’ roles in the VLP are currently being determined based on studnet enrollment in the VLP.  SchoolsPLP courses may not follow the same pacing and activities as is occurring on campus due to the self-guided nature of the classes.   

    Additional Points

    • Students participating in the Virtual Learning Program will be able to participate in district athletics, extra-curricular activities, and after-school functions, in accordance with the same eligibility and health guidelines required for all other students in our school district.
    • High school level courses within the SchoolsPLP platform are compliant according to the NCAA and course completion will allow for students to have the courses appear on their New Albany school transcript, as well as being calculated into the GPA for our middle and high school students.
    • For students with disabilities, the SchoolsPLP platform allows for course customization and accommodations to be built into it in order to meet the individual needs of students according to their IEP or 504 plan.  A New Albany Intervention Specialist will be responsible for managing the IEP, writing goals and objectives according to present levels of student performance, and providing progress reports for students.  Related services will continue to be provided according to individual student needs and the IEP team will work with families to facilitate what those services will look like.
    • For gifted students, the SchoolsPLP platform allows for course customization as appropriate for individual students and to meet their unique needs.  There are honors and AP course offerings available through the course catalogue as well.

    SchoolsPLP has been delivering a technology-based curriculum to schools for over 20 years.  The objective of SchoolsPLP is to provide a flexible, easy to use platform with the option to access rigorous, reliable curriculum.  The content was developed in accordance with the Aurora Institute (formerly iNACOL) and courses are aligned to the Ohio Learning Standards and have been verified by third party organizations.  The interactive curriculum was designed to account for students’ differences, readiness levels, cultural backgrounds, and learning styles.  Each student’s learning path can be personalized to meet his or her learning needs.  Students can work at their own pace within SchoolsPLP courses. You can learn more about SchoolsPLP here.   SchoolsPLP has 550+ PK-12 courses that utilize multiple instructional design models that cater to students whether they are visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learners.  Click here to see the full course catalogue.

More About SchoolsPLP

  • SchoolsPLP is an online educational ecosystem where all aspects of eLearning are inter-connected.    The company has been providing digital curriculum for more than 20 years.  

    1998 – First started providing digital curriculum to schools
    2007 – First started operating charter schools within Arizona.
    2009 – First started development of our Learning Management System,  Connector
    2017 – Completed the acquisition of two publishers, one in Florida and another in California
    2018 – Rebranded to SchoolsPLP

    The platform combines an effective classroom management tool and a customizable learning management system with online curriculum.  The company began as a Learning Management System (LMS), then added curriculum content from Lincoln Learning, Bright Thinker and eDynamic Learning and rebranded as SchoolsPLP.

    SchoolPLP's team of more than 200 employees has taught thousands of students using state-of-the-art curriculum delivered within the best learning management system.  The organization consists of many former educators who understand the need to use digital curriculum to satisfy the passion for today’s learners.  The staff's experience and accredited curriculum makes it possible to be responsive to student needs and allows students to work at their own pace. 

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