Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Michael Kivett

Hello and welcome to my teaching page! My name is Michael Kivett and I have recently graduated from Bowling Green State University. I am excited to begin my career as an Intervention Specialist. Since I was young, I believe it is my mission to serve and support any and all children in accomplishing their goals. I have always wanted to help students with disabilities because I want them to be successful both inside and outside the classroom. Because of my passion, I wanted to make a career based on my mission and my strengths.

I am a certified Intervention Specialist for grades K- 12 in the areas of mild/moderate and moderate/intensive. I have many strong skills that I am excited to use in my classroom to help others find their strengths and their own passions. I have a lot of energy and passion that I plan on implementing in my school to help students grow and develop so that they are successful and confident in themselves. I have experience in multiple elementary, middle and high school placements. Through my experience at each of these placements, I have learned more and more about student growth and achievement. I believe that my high spirited energy, encouraging demeanor, and my dedication to serving students will help me make sure that each student is successful and has the self confidence to accomplish any goals they pursue.