Before School Music Options for Fifth Grade

  • We are excited to announce choir and orchestra will be offered this year to fifth grade students as an optional morning enrichment class from 8:00 a.m. to 8:50 a.m.  Band will begin as an option in sixth grade.

    All fifth grade students will continue to participate in their general music class as part of their specials class rotation at the Intermediate School, but they can also enroll in an enrichment music opportunity before school to explore a string instrument or further train their voice. 

    It is important to note that since these classes take place prior to the Intermediate School academic day, there is no bus transportation provided.  Elementary students enrolled in morning music programs are not permitted to ride the bus routes that carry students in grades six to twelve.

    Students will need to be brought to the school campus by a parent or as part of a carpool.  Please note that the drop off loop next to the McCoy Center is very congested around 8:00 am since it is the start of the school day for students in grades 6-12. Carpooling is strongly encouraged, and the Daycare bus loop (in front of the Primary School) and Intermediate drop off loops should be considered as alternatives to dropping off by the McCoy Center. To learn how to access these loops, click here.

    While choir can accommodate all students who are interested, we may need to place a cap on enrollment for orchestra if more students than anticipated express interest.  Signing up for a fitting session on September 11 or 12 does not guarantee a space in the program. However, signing up for a fitting session is a requirement to be considered for enrollment in instrumental music.

    Choir will always take place on Friday mornings.  Orchestra class days will be communicated once enrollment is finalized but will meet at least twice per week.  Students may participate in both orchestra and choir. If a child does both programs, the student must attend choir on any Friday where both classes meet since choir only meets once a week.

    The cost to participate in these programs varies based on which you choose.  Parents will need to rent or purchase an instrument if their child is enrolled in orchestra.  We do not have instruments to provide to the students.

    Further information regarding the classes are provided in the links below.  We will notify you when classes are to begin, but our hope is for all classes to begin the first week of October.  

    The instructors for the classes will be Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Lichtman for choir, and Mr. Fox for orchestra.  Feel free to contact the persons listed below with questions regarding these fifth grade musical opportunities.   

    The deadline to express interest in choir is September 25, and the deadline to express interest in orchestra is September 15 via attending a fitting or emailing Mr. Fox at  Registration for orchestra will take place at the fitting or via email if you can not attend a fitting time.  

    Choir Questions:

    Amy Cook,  or Linda Lichtman,

    Orchestra Questions:

    Erica Donahoe, or Peter Fox,