Degrees and Certifications:

Miss Grand-Pierre

This is my first year teaching at New Albany and I am looking forward to exploring the eighth grade science and language arts curriculum with you!

I am a returning New Albany eagle who is very excited to be back! I graduated from the University of Dayton with a bachelor’s in middle childhood education, as well as special education. I am a member of the National Science Teaching Association (NSTA), and love to keep up on professional development opportunities.

I am a huge environmental science and life science lover. I was an environmental biology major for three years before switching to education. What sparked my interest in teaching is two-fold. I have a little brother who is in the middle childhood license grade range and I loved frequently visiting his classes to see what they were exploring. I also switched schools frequently growing up, not just in new districts, but in new countries. What made the transition so easy for me were the inspiring teachers that I had to help me adapt along the way. My goal is to do the same for my students, make any transition they are going through as easy as possible in order to stay focused on academics.

Along with my passion for science, is my love of language arts. While in school, I took German and French for nine years, which made me more aware of similarities and differences in structure, spelling, grammar, etc. when compared to English. My personal interest is for grammar in the English language. I enjoy writing all types of papers, although persuasive writing is my favorite. I prefer non-fiction texts for my personal reading.

My intent is to provide multiple forms of learning to get my students excited and interested in what we will be covering this school year!

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