Continuous Improvement Plan


    Commitment to Excellence

    The New Albany-Plain Local School District is committed to creating a culture of accountability that achieves the best academic and developmental outcomes for each student.  The District aspires, by September 2023, to be ranked in the top 10 or higher of all public school districts for student achievement in the State of Ohio as reported by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) Performance Index Ranking. As our long term commitment, we aspire to become and remain the best rated school district in the State of Ohio.


    All employees will be accountable for implementing research-based practices including a rigorous and aligned curriculum, common assessments, focused instruction and data-driven decisions to achieve the best academic and developmental outcomes for every student within a fiscally sustainable budget.

    Benchmarks and Indicators

    • Benchmark 1: Increase achievement
      Increase the district performance index rank as compared to all Ohio school districts on the Local Report Card from #19 to #17 or better.
    • Benchmark 2:  Facilitate a year or more of growth for every year of instruction
      Demonstrate at least one year’s worth of growth or higher on the district component grade measuring progress of all students as calculated by the Ohio Department of Education. 

    • Benchmark 3: Meet or exceed State’s achievement gap closing standards for identified subgroups
      Earn a Gap Closing Component Grade of B or better on the Local Report Card.

    • Benchmark 4:  Graduate students who are college and career ready
      Continue to earn a grade of A for the graduation rate component on the Local Report Card.

      The Class of 2019 will earn an ACT mean score that is at least 20% higher than the state average as reported by the ACT College Readiness Report in September 2019.

    • Benchmark 5:  Enhance school culture and social-emotional well-being
      Administer age-appropriate student surveys to measure the percentage of students who feel safe at school, supported, and have at least one staff member to approach with problems.

    • Benchmark 6: Demonstrate sustainable fiscal management
      Reduce FY19 Five Year Forecast Line Item 4.500 (Total Expenditures) by at least $627,000 resulting in a 1% reduction in total expenditures, to positively increase the District’s Five Year Forecast.

    • Benchmark 7: Ensure community engagement and stakeholder satisfaction
      Administer community and/or staff surveys to measure the level of satisfaction with educational quality, school culture, communications, climate and/or fiscal management.  

    Board Adopted - September 24, 2018