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Learning Community Update Facilities Studies

Dear New Albany Learning Community,

As you may recall, in January, after 9 months of work, we shared the results of a collaborative study illustrating active and future planned residential growth data provided by the City of New Albany and the New Albany Company. The Cooperative Strategies Report projected the potential of at least 1,455 additional students enrolled in our school district in the next 10+/- years. Our current school enrollment is 5,051 students. Our school campus is built for 5,500 students maximum and our school buildings are or will soon be exceeding recommended capacities to best meet the academic and developmental needs of our students.

In February, based upon the enrollment and school building capacity studies, the Board of Education and administration published a request for proposals for Facilities Master Planning and Design Services. In March, the Board of Education approved the hiring of Schorr Architects Inc., Community Design Alliance and Harrison Planning Group to complete a facilities master plan and to make recommendations on how our school district can responsibly plan to expand or renovate existing school buildings and facilities or to determine if an additional school building will be necessary to meet increased enrollment projections.

This past Monday at our Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Sawyers provided another public update on the progress of the architects and engineers completing the facilities master planning studies. He shared:

Current school building capacities and projected enrollment growth will require changes to our school campus. Architects analysis to date includes the likely need to:

  • Add 8 classrooms and a cafeteria to the existing Early Learning Center.

  • Build a NEW elementary school for Grades 1-2; probable location being analyzed is where the JV/Varsity Softball and Baseball fields are today.

  • Reconfigure other K-8 school buildings to house two grade levels with the opening of the NEW school building in 2027-28.

  • Complete renovations at the middle and high school (science labs and larger spaces for technology and the arts).

  • Install new baseball and softball fields; renovate other athletic facilities and practice areas; consider a multi-purpose building for year-round wellness classes and athletics usage.

  • Relocate transportation department from Johnstown Road; potential site discussions still occurring with partners.

  • Due to its condition and costs required for renovation to code, demolish the Annex building and relocate operations departments to reconfigure drop-off and pick-up loops, permit parking expansion and add storage solutions for District needs.

The architects completing the Facilities Master Planning Studies will publicly present their findings and recommendations at our June 10, 2024 Board of Education meeting. These recommendations will lead to continued Board discussion, work sessions with the Financial Review and Reporting Committee and community dialogue to determine which ones will be prioritized and accepted to best meet future school facilities needs. These findings will inform if the Board of Education will pass the required resolution of necessity and the resolution to proceed for a bond levy request on the November, 2024 ballot.

Understanding the importance of these studies to the future of our school district and community, the June 10, 2024 Board of Education meeting will convene at 5:30 pm in the Middle School Cafeteria to provide additional seating for community members and staff. Please join us to learn the official findings and recommendations of the architects as we continue to responsibly plan for the future of our school district. Should you be unable to attend, please know that this meeting, like all others, will be recorded and posted to our school district website for viewing when convenient.

We look forward to continuing to engage in discussions with our partners, parents, staff, students and community members regarding the future of the New Albany-Plain Local Schools. We are stronger together and we are confident that we can and will continue to successfully plan for the future needs of our students, families and school district.

We will continue to provide updates and information as we plan for the future of our schools. Go Eagles!


Debra Kalinosky
Board President

Paul Naumoff
Board Vice President

Jennifer Fuller
Board Member

John McClelland
Board Member

Mark Wilson
Board Member

Michael Sawyers

Rebecca Jenkins