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CCP Texbooks

College Credit Plus NAPLS Book Reimbursement Guidelines

You must follow the steps below prior to making a purchase for any and all books that are needed for your off-campus college courses. If you purchase a book we already have, you will be billed for the cost of that book!

1.   NAPLS Inventory - You must email the college center ( all textbooks required for your course. The college center assistant will email you what books are available to borrow from the NAPLS inventory and what books you can purchase through the college bookstore.  

2.   COLLEGE BOOK STORE - If the books are not available through the NAHS College Center, follow the textbook instructions provided to you by the college you are attending. Depending on the college, they may reference a NAPLS account at their bookstore, provide vouchers to purchase books, etc. 

3.    PARENT/STUDENT PURCHASE - If the books are not available through the college bookstore, then you may purchase them on your own. If available, please try to purchase used books! If not, then purchase new books. Keep your original itemized receipt!

4.   REIMBURSEMENT - Complete the CCP Textbook Reimbursement form, print the form, and return it with the original receipts to Mrs. Alton in the College Center.  You must submit ORIGINAL ITEMIZED receipts with the CCP REFUND FORM to the College Center Assistant. We will not accept any receipts that are not attached to the form. No Exceptions!

5.   RETURN OF BOOKS - Once you've completed the course, you will need to return the books in the same condition as when you received them to the College Center Assistant. Please feel free to email ( to set up a time for drop-off. DO NOT leave the books on a desk, in the lobby, or with another staff member as you are responsible for their return. No return is necessary for any purchased e-texts. 

5.   DROPPED A CCP COURSE - It is the student's responsibility to be aware of the return policies on textbooks/e-books. If the textbooks/e-books are unable to be returned to the college bookstore, the full cost will be added to school fees.

Thank You,