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CCP Frequently Asked Questions

Important Parent & Student Notice

  • Students taking College Credit Plus courses are subject to the rules and regulations of the university they are currently attending, including add/drop dates established by the participating institution.

  • Each student will be assigned an “Academic Advisor” from the University. Any questions regarding curriculum should be addressed with the Academic Advisor provided by the University.

  • While in college courses, students are introduced to a learning environment that promotes an open exchange of ideas.

  • Course content is presented on an adult level and class discussions require a mature understanding of divergent viewpoints and the ability to think critically about controversial issues.

  • Mature Content: Students must sign a student questionnaire regarding “Mature Content Material” as defined in Ohio Revised Code 3365.035

  • Students should understand that these courses are college-level courses, and the amount of work, pace, and rigor of content in college courses may be much greater than in high school courses. In addition, college course grades become a part of a student’s permanent college transcript and are calculated into the college grade point average. Poor performance in college courses may affect future university admissions and financial aid. Therefore, it is important to perform well in college courses to realize the benefits of taking college courses while in high school.

  • If a student fails any college course the cost of tuition, fees, and books will be charged to the student’s account in New Albany-Plain Local Schools.

  • Students must meet prerequisite requirements outlined by the University or College in which they are attending.

  • These courses and the grades associated with them will be reported on both the student’s high school transcript as well as college transcript.

  • College transcripts can be requested by visiting the respective college or university website associated with the courses taken. New Albany-Plain Local Schools does not have access to college transcripts.

  • Students and parents must sign a Permission Form to participate in a college CCP program.

CCP Questions & Answers

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