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College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus is a program that gives high school/middle school students in grades 7–12 an opportunity to be enrolled in both high/middle school and college coursework at the same time. Students must qualify academically and the tuition will be paid by New Albany-Plain Local Schools. 

For the student who is eligible for College Credit Plus, he/she must be academically ready for college-level courses and be willing to follow the procedures outlined by the university while still in high/middle school.  

CCP Advantages

Students will enjoy the following benefits:
  • Students may earn (transcripted) college credit and high school credit upon successful completion of the course

  • Accelerate the achievement of educational goals

  • Eliminate duplication of high school and college course content

  • Increase the rigor and challenge of course offerings while in high school

CCP Disadvantages

Potential Risks and Consequences
  • Increased responsibility for learning

  • Reduced opportunities for participation in high school activities

  • Affects GPA (high school and college)

  • Increased time for travel

  • Potential scheduling conflicts between high school and college courses

  • Potential Athletic Eligibility issues - must be scheduled for five credits per semester

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