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Secondary Curriculum

Ohio's Secondary Learning Standards

The New Albany-Plain Local Schools’ Secondary (Grades 7-12) Curriculum is based on the Ohio Learning Standards.  Ohio’s Learning Standards outline the skills and knowledge that will help students become ready for success in college, careers, and life.  Learning standards identify what students should know and be able to do.  The State Board of Education began a regular review cycle of the core subject areas, the fine arts, and other subject areas in 2016, and adopted updated learning standards in most subject areas during the past five years.  In New Albany, our curriculum and related resources are reviewed using a cyclical process that ensures alignment with state learning standards and is tailored to meet the needs of all students. 

The Curriculum Review process consists of teams of teachers working collaboratively on an ongoing basis to create and refine our courses of study in each subject area.  While our courses of study are aligned with state and/or national standards, College Board standards for Advanced Placement (AP) courses, specific college requirements for College Credit Plus (CCP) courses, or research-based expectations/overarching subject area guidelines based on student interest/needs for elective courses, they also exceed the minimum requirements set forth by the Ohio Department of Education and include rigorous, academic work designed by our teachers.  

Secondary Curriculum Maps

In addition, curriculum maps are developed by teachers to provide a conceptual overview of all secondary courses taught at the middle school and high school, including the timing or pacing for each topic or unit, alignment to Learning Standards, Learning Targets or I Can Statements, and a listing of Instructional Resources.  Additional details and updated information about the curriculum and resources, including specific assignments and projects, can be found on each teacher’s Schoology page or by directly contacting the teacher.

Curriculum Maps support the New Albany-Plain Local School District’s goal to provide a guaranteed and viable curriculum, which we believe is the foundation upon which all learning is built.  The curriculum is guaranteed in that all students, regardless of their teacher, will have access to the same content, knowledge, and skills across the school.  It is viable in that teachers have made intentional decisions to focus on essential content based on the standards, and have allowed for adequate instructional time to teach for mastery of the content.  Individual growth and development and the achievement of specific learning outcomes are the goal. 

High School Curriculum Maps