Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools

  • Students at New Albany High School have the opportunity to take courses offered by Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools (EFCTS). EFCTS prepares students for direct employment as technically skilled workers in the school-to-career programs. They also prepare students for continuing their education in the school- to-college programs. EFCTS programs are open to all New Albany eleventh and twelfth grade students.

    EFCTS is a great place to learn, build experience, and explore a career before entering college, technical school, or the workforce. They offer programs in the traditional trades and licensed professions, college-level programs, and programs for students with special educational needs.

Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools

  • Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical School District programs are open to all eleventh and twelfth grade students within our district who demonstrate the ability and interest to attend.

    Students remain enrolled in and still graduate from this school and are encouraged to continue participation in our high school extracurricular activities.

    With programs on two campuses and six satellite locations, Eastland-Fairfield is closer than you think. Satellite programs are offered at Gahanna, Groveport Madison, New Albany, Canal Winchester, Pickerington North, and Reynoldsburg High Schools.

    Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools allow students to immerse themselves in a career field or profession, spending a half-day with hands-on learning and gaining real-world experience. Classrooms and labs are equipped with the latest technology. Students have access to top-notch academics while being taught by teachers who are seasoned professionals in their career fields. 

    The Eastland-Fairfield learning environment extends far beyond the classroom. Internships, job shadowing, community service, field trips, guest speakers, and cooperative education all provide valuable experience, connections, and practice in using technical and people skills.

    Not only do Eastland-Fairfield programs prepare students for further study, but many also allow students to earn college credit or enter college with advanced standing. Students can earn college credits in selected programs, graduating with a college transcript that can be taken nearly anywhere.


    Students will study relationships between organisms and their environment. Principles of biogeochem­ical cycles, air-water-land relationships, non-point pollution, and wetlands will be applied. Students will examine the fundamentals of resource development. agriculture sustainability, energy needs, and pollution control. They will analyze and interpret data gathered from studies on the ecosystem. Throughout this course, students will develop responses to environmental problems and develop management strategies for responsible conservation and resource development. A mix of creative and scientific research will be critical to proposing new solutions to ever-changing global needs. This two-year program will open up a world of possibilities for the future. 

    In this program, students will learn outdoors in a multi-habitat land lab. Students will investigate and apply natural resources conservation and then research and propose solutions for environmental issues. Students will focus on the real science behind environmental problems and issues. Students will develop awareness and become good stewards of the environment.


    • Wildlife biology
    • Reptiles and amphibians
    • Environmental issues and laws
    • Forestry and forestry management
    • Animal handling and care
    • Wildlife monitoring
    • Water quality
    • Global sustainability
    • Alternative energies
    • Bird identification


    • Natural resources technician
    • Environmental engineer
    • Environment scientist
    • Forestry technician
    • Conservation scientist
    • Inspector/Compliance officer
    • Park naturalist
    • Biologist

    The purpose of this two-year College Tech Prep Program is to prepare students to become a network security professional. The Cyber Security program is designed around certifications from industry leaders such as CompTIA and Cisco in preparation for the information technology workforce.  This program consists of Honors Weighted or College Credit Plus courses.  Students will learn how to design and build computer networks and enhance their security skills to explore and prepare for one of the fastest-growing career fields.  The Cyber Security program includes PC hardware repair and troubleshooting, PC operating systems, networking, and technology management and administration.  Students in the Cyber Security program also receive instruction in logic, mathematics, business management, communication, and employability. Areas of study include Networking, Network Management , Network Security, and Cybersecurity Defense and Reinforcement.. This program is available at New Albany High School. 

    Sports Medicine is a two-year College Tech Prep program for grades 11 and 12 designed to prepare students to pursue careers such as athletic training, physical therapy, and the many other professions under the expansive sports medicine umbrella.  In this program, classroom knowledge, hands-on practice, and the latest rehabilitation and training technology are combined to ensure that students become ready to tackle any healthcare challenge. Students are provided instruction in fundamental knowledge, skills, abilities, values, and attitudes in entrepreneurship, leadership, and employability skills. The Sports Medicine program focus includes functional anatomy, medical terminology, treatment, injury recognition and prevention as well as biostatistics in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine. Students are also given laboratory experience in Sports Medicine so they will be prepared to test, diagnose and treat athletic injuries and work with people of all athletic backgrounds to prevent injuries from occurring and promote fitness to help them look and feel more confident and healthy.


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