Volunteer Policy & Procedures

  • New Albany - Plain Local Schools is committed to the safety and security of our students and staff leading ultimately to a safer learning environment for all.  Our efforts over the past year have led to a number of changes including the reconstruction of school building entrances at the Early Learning Center and Primary School, making them more secure and visitor friendly. We have also provided staff and student training on safety protocols and procedures.  Moving one step further the board of education reviewed and revised policies to further enhance the visitor and volunteer experience for our school district.  Our ultimate goal is to provide the safest learning environment possible for all students, staff and visitors to campus.

  • Volunteers

    We greatly appreciate the support of our volunteer base at New Albany – Plain Local Schools as they provide a natural extension to the classroom and our learning environment on a daily basis. The Board of Education adopted a revised policy for volunteers on January 26, 2015.  The intent of the policy is to update the district approach to our work with volunteers in regards to background checks required to volunteer in our schools with students unsupervised. All volunteers working with students unsupervised are required to have a background check, performed by our partner, SecureVolunteer

    K-5 – Background checks are required for any volunteer that will be working unsupervised with children in the school building. Examples include reading and literacy support outside the classroom, math facts support and field trip activities.  

    6-12 – Background checks are required for any volunteer that will be working with students unsupervised outside the school campus.  Examples include, overnight field trips, work that may take place at an individual’s home, etc.     

Board of Education Revises Volunteer Policy

  • The school district greatly values the dedicated and valuable service of our volunteers. To continue to protect the safety and welfare of our students, criminal background checks are required for all K-5 volunteers and for volunteers that may be unsupervised with students in grades 6-12. 

    The Board of Education approved a revised Volunteer Policy at its board meeting on January 26, 2015. The revised volunteer policy now requires that the cost for the criminal background check be paid for by the volunteer rather than the Board of Education as part of the district implemented reductions plan. A criminal background check will cost $19.45 and is valid for 5 years from the date of completion and will allow a volunteer to work in any school building and assist with school sponsored activities and field trips.

    Visitors and Volunteers – What’s the Difference?

    Visitors who may be attending/assisting at a child’s party at school, having lunch with their child, etc are considered visitors and do not require background checks. They do, however, need to check-in and out at the main office of each building when visiting campus. 

    Volunteers are individuals who are working in our schools or volunteering for an off campus school sponsored activity who may be unsupervised with K-5 students at anytime or who may work unsupervised with students in grades 6-12. Volunteers require criminal background checks, visitors do not.

    The questions to ask to determine if you need a background check, “am I going to volunteer unsupervised at the K-5 level or will I be working unsupervised with students in grades 6-12?” If the answer is yes, a background check is required and may be obtained via SecureVolunteer by clicking here.

    For any questions on the volunteer or visitor policies in our school district, please contact the office of your student’s school building or call 614-855-2040 for more information. Background checks are now processed completely online through our partner Secure Volunteer.
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