Senior Portraits

  • Portraits for the class of 2021 are due: March 2, 2021

    New Albany High School seniors have the option of using any photography studio they desire. Please be sure that you inform the photographer of the requirements and deadlines for the senior portraits. Whichever photographer you choose, you must submit a picture that meets the following requirements:
    1. It must be a traditional portrait pose.
    2. The portrait must have only the torso and head shot against a traditional non-white background (Outdoor settings are permissible, however objects such as fences, trees with branches, brightly painted multiple colored walls, or bookshelves are not acceptable backgrounds unless the objects are undefined. If in question, please contact for examples). Stone or brick wall backgrounds are acceptable as long as there are no windows or other objects in the picture)
    3. The picture must be vertical, not horizontal.
    4. Students should be upright, not reclining or leaning too far to one side.
    5. No hats are to be worn in the photograph.
    6. No hands should be under chins or around the face, but may be folded in front.
    7. All photographs must be in color.
    8. Inappropriate clothing, such as t-shirts with inappropriate pictures or words, is not acceptable.
    9. If a senior portrait is NOT submitted then the ID picture will be used.
    10. Portraits must be submitted as a jpeg to the e-mail address listed below.  The photographer may submit it in an e-mail to the address below, but it must be in jpeg format.  An actual hard copy photograph cannot be used.  It must be a jpeg format only. No cell phone photos.

    When you speak to the photographer of choice, please tell him or her that you need a traditional portrait pose for the yearbook. Many photographers take this automatically, as many yearbooks require the photographs to be in alignment with these standards. This picture also needs to be wallet size. Kindly remind your photographer of these things.

    If you have any questions concerning the senior pictures, please contact:

    Thom Cross, Yearbook Adviser