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  • Do you have an observation or had a special experience in our nature preserve you would like to share?  We would like to hear from you and post your experience here!  Please send in you writing entry and any photo to Sandy Willmore.

  • Deer in Swickard Woods

    Posted by Krissy M., NA High School student on 9/17/2012
    deer in swickard woods When I found the deer my friend Rachel and I were walking around Swickard looking for living, non-living, and formally living things for our Biology class. We were learning the characteristics that makes something alive. We saw the deer standing in the woods watching us. It was really cool to be able to get so close to it before it ran away. Luckily we got a photo in time!
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  • Mystery Butterfly? Moth?

    Posted by Sheila Luther on 9/3/2012
    Mystery Butterfly or Moth? Good morning! I just want to share these photos from Monday that a couple of my explorers discovered on a rotted log we rolled over. I assume they are a type of butterfly (with wings up), but at first glance, I thought they were just a fungal growth. (Yikes! No glasses on!!) When I realized they had legs, I was shocked that they didn’t move. We gently prodded them with a stick, and they gingerly moved a leg, but stayed in place. I can’t wait to look up what they are! And we will see if they are still there when I go out with the 2nd group today. Have a fantastic day!
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  • Earthworm or Snake?

    Posted by Nathan H., NA High School Student on 8/15/2012
    Earthworm or Snake? On my driveway one morning I saw something that, at first glance, appeared to be an earthworm but not quite. It was smallish and brown but different. It was a teeny, tiny Brown Snake. At first I thought it must be a hatchling but thanks to Google, I found that it may have been fully grown. At adulthood, Brown Snakes only get to be 9 – 11 inches long.

    Brown snakes are very reclusive. They are common in Ohio but are seldom seen. I suppose that when you are that small you tend to keep a low profile. :-)

    Brown snakes eat slugs, worms and soft-bodied insects. I released this little guy back into my garden after I took his photo.
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