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  •  Coyote's Guide to Connecing with Nature

    Coyote's Guide to Connecting with Nature

    by Jon Young, Evan McGown, Ellen Haas, with forward by Richard Louv Year Published: 2010
    Awareness! Belonging! Connection! Speaking directly to these needs, Coyote's Guide to Connecting with Nature sparks our natural gift of curiosity. At eight or forty-eight, when the power of mystery pulls us into nature, we follow. Think of these personal rewards: the excitement of discovery, real connection with animals and plants, and a sense of belonging through knowing our place on the planet. With this manual in one hand and someone we care about in the other, Coyote inspires us to follow curiosity's magic with respect for the whole natural world.

    Coyote's Guide lifts the lid off the mind of a mentor to reveal what happens behind-the-scenes, and offers dozens of activities, stories, songs, and games, so mentors, educators and parents can lead in ways that fit their ecosystems, their clients, and their specific goals. Coyote's Guide sets fresh standards for environmental literacy that engages body, mind, and spirit.
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