Meet our Primary School PTO Board! This month we are spotlighting...


    Abigail Burton- VP of Fundraising


    What is your role on the pto board this year and why did you choose it?

    My role on this year's PTO board is VP of fundraising. This year, I joined the board as a way to become more involved in the school community. Although fundraising was not my top choice, after getting started I have found this role to be immensely rewarding. 

    What are you most excited about for this upcoming school year?

    This year, I am most excited about trying new fundraisers with our families and students. Since it is our first full year at the school, I am looking forward to continuing to volunteer, since I missed out on classroom opportunities and extracurricular activities during COVID. The Read-A-Thon we just completed was also very exciting for me, because I am a bookworm myself, so seeing how successful it was was amazing to see.

    How have you seen the pto make an impact in our community?

    During this month's Police/Fire appreciation, I worked with the hospitality team and it was very rewarding to see the excitement and appreciation from our first responders. Our hometown was very small, and we didn't have the support or opportunities to truly make a meaningful impact on our community as a whole. It is truly inspiring to see how involved our schools are in the community. This year, I am looking forward to participating in family service day.

    What’s something about yourself and/or your family that you’d like to share?

    Travel is a big part of our family life, as well as food. Having moved here from Indiana last fall, we haven't been able to explore Ohio fully because we travel so much. We are looking forward to a slower pace of travel in the coming year. We look forward to discovering the different restaurants, activities, and events Ohio has to offer. When we are not traveling, you can find us at home embracing our geeky side. Our favorite things include Disney, Marvel, gaming, Harry Potter, anime, and Pokemon. My husband and son have set a goal of completing every Pokemon master sets. In regards to our daughter and I, her dream room is an anime-themed room, and I would love to visit all 12 Disney parks around the globe.