About the Ohio Opioid Education Alliance

  • Through the Ohio Opioid Education Alliance, public and private businesses and organizations from across Ohio are coming together to help end the opioid crisis.

    Why was the Ohio Opioid Education Alliance formed?

    The Alliance was formed as a direct result of ADAMH’s Franklin County Opiate Action Plan, which was created by ADAMH at the direction of the City of Columbus and Franklin County officials. The plan was adopted in 2017 as a broad strategy to begin to tackle the opioid crisis.

    Following conversations with ADAMH about how it could participate in activation of the Opiate Action Plan, the Nationwide Foundation established a fund at The Columbus Foundation with a $2 million donation to kick-start the work.

    The Nationwide Foundation also played a key role in the formation of the Alliance by encouraging businesses, nonprofits and government agencies across the region to support the initiative in name, funding and other resources.

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