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Remember, Reflect, Renew

  • Welcome to the website for the Memorial Grove project at New Albany High School. This project is led by the National Honor Society at NAHS to design and rebuild the Memorial Grove to honor students and staff that we have lost in our learning community. Items from the original Memorial Grove have been secured and preserved to be added to the new Grove as it will be developed. Please view the resources on this page to learn more about the history of the Memorial Grove and how you can be a part of this fitting tribute at NAHS. 

    Memorial Grove is designed to be a place for everyone on the New Albany - Plain Local Schools Campus. In addition to being a place where we can honor the memory of those we have lost, the space is designed to accommodate outdoor learning and provide a place for groups to meet.   

    In addition to the giving campaign, NHS students are seeking sponsorships and grant-funded opportunities in the community. They have taken the initiative to work with the New Albany Chamber of Commerce to develop presentations to local business partners to seek support for their Memorial Grove project! It is the students of NHS goal to leave this as a legacy of their time at New Albany High School.

    Beginning Monday - February 14, we launch the next fundraising campaign to get us to the finish line for the Memorial Grove! 

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Memorial Grove Giving Levels

  • Memorial Grove Giving Levels

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Memorial Grove Video - The Why?

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  • The fundraising goal is $110,000 to complete the new Memorial Grove. Donations are listed above on the giving status thermometer in thousand dollar increments.  

    Your donation makes a difference! Join the National Honor Society at NAHS and their efforts to restore the Memorial Grove. Donate today. Thank you in advance for the incredible generosity of our community. 

    Contribute online at PaySchoolsEvents


$103,000 Fundraising Goal

Memorial Grove at New Albany High School

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