Transportation Systems

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Pathway Description

  • This Career Cluster focuses on the planning, management, and movement of people, materials, and goods by road, pipeline, air, rail and water and related professional support services such as transportation infrastructure planning and management, logistics services, mobile equipment and facility maintenance. Students who explore this pathway will want to make sure they have a wide range of learning experiences from all of the content areas.  The transportation systems  pathway should also include courses in the sciences like environmental science and physics.   -OMJ Website

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Pathway Careers

      High School Diploma

        • Automotive Body Repair
        • Bus and Truck Mechanic
        • Motorboat Mechanic and Service Technicians
        • Transportation Manager
        • Freight Forwarder
        • Railroad Workers
        • Driver (Passenger Vehicles)

      Two Year Career-Technical/Certificate/Associates

        • Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians
        • Electrical and Electronics Installer
        • Automotive Master Mechanic
        • Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Driver
        • Pilot, Ship
        • Avionics Technician
        • Air Traffic Controller

      Bachelors and Beyond

        • Logisticians
        • Logistics Engineer
        • Airline Pilot

      NAHS Course Pathways