Information Technology

Person working on computer

Pathway Description

  • This career cluster includes careers involving information support and services, interactive media, network systems, and programming and software development.  Students who explore this pathway will want to make sure they have a wide range of learning experiences from all of the content areas.  The information technology  pathway should also include courses in  computer programming, advanced math classes, and courses involving digital art and digital modeling.  -OMJ Website

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Pathway Careers

      High School Diploma

        • Computer User Support Specialists

      Two Year Career-Technical/Certificate/Associates

        • Computer Network Support Specialists
        • Web Developer

      Bachelors and Beyond

        • Software Quality Assurance Engineer
        • Computer Systems Engineer/Architects
        • Business Intelligence Analysts
        • Information Security Analysts
        • Database Administrators
        • Telecommunications Engineer Specialists
        • Software Developer
        • Computer Programmer
        • Informatics Nurse Specialist

      NAHS Course Pathways