Education & Training Pathway

Teacher instructing students

Pathway Description

  • This Career Cluster focuses on the planning, managing and providing education and training services, and related learning support services.  Students with interest in this pathway who choose a more specific course of study like mathematics, science, social studies, or the arts will want to explore more of those courses during high school.- OMJ Website


  • Ohio Future Job Outlook
  • US Bureau Occupational Outlook
  • Program of Studies
  • Naviance for Students

Community Connection

Pathway Careers

      High School Diploma

        • Self Enrichment Education Teacher
        • Teacher Assistant

      Two Year Career-Technical/Certificate/Associates

        • PreSchool Teacher (Except Special Education)
        • Library Technicians

      Bachelors & Beyond

        • Elementary Teacher
        • Secondary Teacher
        • Pre-School Administrator
        • Fitness and Wellness Coordinator
        • Distance Learning Coordinator
        • Museum Technician and Conservator
        • Interpreter and Translator
        • Administrator- Elementary/Secondary/Postsecondary
        • Education: Guidance School Counselors
        • Curators
        • Instructional Designer
        • Librarians
        • School Superintendent/CEO
        • College Professor
        • Educational Researcher

      NAHS Course Pathways