PowerSchool Forms

  • New Albany-Plain Local Schools uses a feature in PowerSchool that allows us to collect information from both parents and students.  This feature is called Forms, and it is accessible via your PowerSchool Student/Parent Access account.  Students will login to their PowerSchool access account using their regular school usernames and passwords.  Parents and Guardians will receive an email prior to the start of each school year with instructions for either creating a new PowerSchool Parent Access account, or for linking additional students to your existing account.  Parents and Guardians will need to have a valid PowerSchool Parent Access account in order to complete the required Forms.  

    Once logged into your Student/Parent Access account, parents can click on the "Forms" link to complete the required forms.  While all the forms and their contents are visible to all parents/guardians with an access account, only parents/guardians who are designated as “Lives with” the student in PowerSchool will be able to edit the forms.  This limitation is necessary in order to prevent multiple parents/guardians from overwriting or deleting necessary data.  

    Every editable, parent/guardian form will be locked by using a PIN unique to the student.  In order to submit a completed form, the PIN must be entered on the form.  Only parents/guardians indicated as “Lives with” the student will receive the PIN.  The PINs will be emailed prior to start of each school year.  Forms completed by students are not locked with a PIN.  Below is the current list of forms available to Parents/Guardians and Students.  The forms must be completed using the PowerSchool Student/Parent Access website; they cannot be completed using the mobile app.

    Student Forms:

    1. Student Education Technology Acceptable Use and Safety Agreement
    2. Recognition of Student Handbook
    3. Anti-Bullying Pledge
    4. Student Mobile Phone Information

    Parent/Guardian Forms:

    1. Student Demographic Information, Teacher Assignments for Grades K-6, and Bus Route Information
    2. Parent/Guardian AND Emergency Contacts
    3. Emergency Medical Authorization
    4. Annual Notification to Parents Regarding Student Records
    5. Anti-Bullying Pledge
    6. Recognition of Student Handbook
    7. Student Education Technology Acceptable Use and Safety Agreement
    8. Permission to Photograph and Audio-Video Record Release to Utilize

Printable Instructions