Preschool Appointments

  • Please schedule an individual appointment with your child's Preschool Teacher for the academic assessment. 

    Please note this appointment is for testing and is not meant for a parent-teacher conference.  A parent, grandparent, or child care provider is welcome to bring your child to this appointment, but will need to remain at the school until testing is complete. For safety reasons we ask that only one adult accompany your child and no siblings please.  

    Please arrive on time and parents/children will be asked to wait for their teacher in a waiting area until their scheduled appointment time. (Masks are required for appointments).

    *Please note that while your child's assessment appointment is scheduled for 30 minutes, the appointment will last 25 minutes.  There is an extra 5-minute window added in to clean in between appointments and to walk students to and from the classroom.  Parents will stay in a waiting area while teachers work 1-1 with students during this time.  

    We encourage you to bring your child’s completed paperwork, classroom supplies and a change of clothes to leave in the classroom. If you have any questions, please email your child's teacher or call the ELC office at 614-413-8700. Thank you!