• Live Helpdesk Information

    If your child is having problems with his/her district issued device, you can call one of the phone numbers listed below Monday - Friday, between the hours of 8:00 AM and 3:30 PM to talk to a technician:

    • Early Learning Center - 614.413.8349
    • Primary School - 614.413.7903
    • Intermediate School - 614.413.8321
    • Middle School - 614.413.7903
    • High School - 614.413.8389

    • VLP - 614.413.8390


    Many teachers will be posting instructional content and assignments in Schoology.  Students can access their Schoology content at: https://napls.schoology.com/

    Parents can create Schoology accounts and get read-only access to your child's Schoology content.  Please contact your child's teacher and ask him/her to give you your child's Schoology access code.  Once you have this access code, then go to: https://www.schoology.com and sign up for a Schoology account (if you do not already have one).  For more information about Schoology accounts for parents, please visit Schoology's Parent Guide page.


    iPad Support

    Our district's helpdesk has several articles that may help you and you child use his/her iPad at home.  You can access those articles here