• Questions on the SAT will not ask you to recall details of Hamlet or to name the capital of Nevada or the location of the Rappahannock River. If you recall those facts, good for you, but the SAT will ask for something different. Instead of asking you to show what you’ve memorized, the questions invite you to exercise your thinking skills. All of the learning you’ve done—from childhood to now—contributes to how you think, how your mind manages information. Even if you don’t recall the details of a history or science lesson, the process of learning information and blending it with previously learned information is key to becoming a skilled thinker. The world needs more people who can use their thinking skills to solve problems, communicate clearly, and understand complex relationships. The best high school courses promote thinking skills, and colleges are looking for students who are skilled thinkers. The SAT is designed to measure the thinking skills you’ll need to succeed in college and career. 

    All juniors will be taking the SAT on March 1, 2023 at New Albany High School. There is no charge for this test and junior students do not need to register.

    Khan Academy is a free online instructional platform that has partnered with College Board to provide personalized path for students based on PSAT scores to help prepare students for the SAT.