2023-2024 Academic Year

  • This week all your teachers will present the courses offered within their department with the goal that you will make good & appropriate course selections for next year.

Registration Week: January 30 - February 3, 2023

  • Teachers will share course choices, level offerings, and recommendations in classes throughout this time.  Ask your teacher which day they’ll be presenting registration information so you will be prepared!  Ask teachers for course recommendations and suggestions.

    When considering course options, remember:

    -Graduation requirements for each subject

    -The progression/next level of each subject

    -How to choose the most appropriate course (regular, Honors, AP)

    -Ask your teacher for recommendations

    -Research Career Pathway options

Grade Specific Registration Information

  • Graduation requirements for the Class of 2024 and Class of 2025 and beyond will be referred to throughout the registration process.  See your grade in the chart below for dates & locations when/where counselors will be available to answer your questions!

Powerschool Online Registraiton

  • Students and Families review all curriculum information and submit their course selections online through their PowerSchool accounts.  See chart below for window & deadlines by grade.

    IMPORTANT NOTE  After the last call for course changes has closed, schedule changes will take place at the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year.  It is critical students/families be proactive to make thoughtful & definitive course selections by February 17.  Exceptions on late requests after 2/17/23 will be limited to only those who fall under the NAHS Registration Practices and Guidelines (provided below chart). There will be no email availability in the summer to request a course change.  The procedure to request changes will be provided at the end of the 22-23 school year and in August to start the 23-24 school year.

process chart

NAHS Registration Practices and Guidelines

  • Schedule change requests for 23-24 at the end of the current year and the beginning of the school year, are limited to those with these reasons/criteria:

    1. Academic misplacement–Student is placed in the wrong level of class (Honors/Accelerated/AP vs. regular pace), or is placed in a class without meeting the prerequisite (placed in chemistry without passing biology first).

    2. Program change--Student has been accepted into an academic program or the student is no longer enrolled in a specific program of study (examples:  Eastland/Fairfield, Pathways, Mosaic)

    3. Missing an academic class--Student is missing a core class such as English, history, math, or science.

    4. Missing a graduation requirement--Student is missing a course necessary to graduate in the upcoming school year.

    5. A student has two study centers in one semester and none in the other.

    6. To balance classes so overcrowding does not occur.