• Observe the world around you, think about why things work, ask questions, and investigate. There is learning all around you- at the beach, pool, amusement park, ball game, stores... Enjoy!

    Expectations For Writing:

    • Try new topics, purposes, audiences, genres, forms, and techniques.
    • Make your own decisions about what is working and needs more work in pieces of your writing.  Be the first to respond to your writing.
    • Listen to, ask questions, and comment on others’ writing in ways that help them move the writing forward.  Make sure when conferring with peers to record your responses so that the writer has a reminder of what was discussed.
    • Recognize that readers’ eyes and minds need your writing to be conventional in format, spelling, punctuation, and usage. Work toward conventionality and legibility, and use what you know about format, spelling, punctuation, and usage as you compose.
    • Take care of the materials, resources, and equipment both the school and I provide for you.

    Rules For Writing:

    • Date and label everything you write to help you keep track of what you have done (notes, first draft, brainstorming)
    • Write on one side of the paper and always skip lines or type double-spaced.  Both will make revision, polishing, and editing easier and more productive for you.
    • Edit in a color different from the print of your text and complete an editing check-sheet to show what you know about the conventions of writing.
    • Write as much as you can.
    • Save everything, so when a piece of writing is finished you can clip everything together, including: drafts, notes, lists, editing check-sheet, peer conference form, and rubric.

Ask Yourself

    • Have I studied my spelling words? Am I able to use them in a sentence on my own?
    • Do I check to see if the sentences I have written are complete sentences with correct capitalization and punctuation?
    • Can I distinguish complete sentences from fragments and run-on sentences?
    • Can I correctly define, identify, and use nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, and conjunctions?
    • Do I know and practice the steps of good writing (brainstorm, pre-write, draft, edit, publish)?