Welcome to Eagle's Nest!

  • We are delighted that you have chosen Eagle’s Nest as a part of your child’s experience in New Albany. It is our hope to help your child start and end the day with a smile!

    My child’s kindergarten registration isn’t complete, and there may not be any spaces left in Eagle’s Nest. What can we do?

    Parents can contact the Eagle's Nest office as soon as possible to help with the registration process.

    Where is Eagle’s Nest Before and After Care located? Where do I drop my child off and pick him/her up?

    Eagle’s Nest is housed in New Albany Primary School, 87 N. High Street. We offer curbside dropoff in the mornings and curbside pickup in the afternoons as one of our enhanced safety practices. Children will have a health check including taking temperature before leaving the vehicle in the mornings.

    Please have your ID ready for afternoon pickup as well as the tag provided by Eagle's Nest, placed in the front passenger window.

    Kindergarteners must arrive by 8:15 am. If you wish for them to eat breakfast at Eagle's Nest we suggest arriving no later than 7:55 am.

    Can my child ride the school bus on the days s/he is not attending Eagle's Nest?

    Students are ineligible to ride NAPLS school bus for the portion of the day enrolled in Eagle's Nest. For example, students in morning care may not ride the morning school bus to school at any time. Students enrolled in afternoon care may not ride the afternoon bus home on any day. Students enrolled in morning and afternoon care are ineligible for school transportation. This includes any temporary changes in schedules.

    Does my child have to wear a mask?

    Information regarding health and safety protocols will follow school guidelines. Per current regulations, all kindergarteners must wear masks to and from the ELC while riding the shuttle. Please be sure your student has an extra mask in case a replacement is needed.

    How will my child get to and from the Early Learning Center?

    NAPLS school buses will transport students from the Primary School to the Early Learning Center in the mornings. After school the students will be transported to the bus loop and will be met by Eagle’s Nest staff who will escort the students to the Primary School cafeteria. Please note that students are not eligible for NAPLS transportation for the portion of the day that they are enrolled in Eagle’s Nest.

    Where do I pay for Eagle’s Nest fees?

    Monthly tuition is paid in the school's family payment system by electronic check or credit card. Once kindergarten registration is complete with the district, you can establish an account and link it to your student. Fees are due monthly.

    Is Eagle’s Nest available the part of the day that my child is not in kindergarten?

    Eagle’s Nest does not provide wraparound care. Your child can be enrolled in Eagle’s Nest for the portion of the day that s/he attends school. AM only kindergarten students may attend AM Eagle’s Nest, PM only kindergarten students can attend PM Eagle’s Nest, and all-day kindergarten students may attend both AM and PM Eagle’s Nest.

    How will my child know where to go?

    Staff members at Eagle’s Nest and the Early Learning Center will be prepared for your child’s arrival and will be positioned to help each child get to the correct place.

    I would like to take my child to school for the first few days. Is that okay?

    Please email Eagle’s Nest at eaglesnest@napls.us and the classroom teacher whenever your child will not be coming to Eagle’s Nest. It is good idea to have a conversation with your kindergartener so he/she knows the plan as well.