Global Scholars Program


    Beginning with the Class of 2022, New Albany HS students will be able to earn a graduation honor with a world focus: The Global Scholars Diploma (GSD).  NAHS has partnered with the Columbus Council on World Affairs and numerous other schools around Central Ohio to offer this program. 

    In order to earn this distinction, students must complete 3 levels:

    Level 1 (10th Grade): GSD Action Club

    • Students attend four field trips throughout the year and complete a reflection activity after the event.

    Level 2 (11th Grade): GSD Online Course

    • Students complete an online course throughout the year, learning about various cultures from around the world.
    • Students earn a ½ Social Studies elective credit.
    • This is a blended course and all work will be completed outside the classroom.
    • Students attend four field trips throughout the year and attend required follow up sessions.

    Level 3 (12th Grade): GSD Take Action Project

    • Students complete the Senior Seminar course following the GSD standards.  Senior projects will have a central theme that can be explored from both a global and local perspective.
    • In addition to the regular Senior Seminar presentation, students will also present at a GSD End of Year event in front of GSD seniors from around Central Ohio.

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