• Social-Emotional Support

    Not all gifted students have emotional problems, and when they do, these problems generally resemble those to which other children are prone. However, researchers have discovered, and New Albany Plain Local Schools realize, that gifted children sometimes have special emotional needs that come with simply being bright. In response to these unique social-emotional needs, below are some of the services provided:

    Circle of Friends

    Circle of Friends is a “lunch bunch” support group for gifted children in which the students meet monthly for discussion about topics that are unique to gifted children. The selection process includes a superior cognitive identification in conjunction with established need. Circle of Friends is provided to gifted students in 4th grade through middle school.

    Girls Group

    Girls Group is a middle school peer discussion group for adolescent girls which promotes self-confidence, positive relationships, the avoidance of gender bias and negative peer pressure, while providing skills to help them make appropriate choices.

    Individual Counseling

    Individual Counseling services are available for gifted children. The therapeutic nature of school counseling is intended to help students become more aware of themselves and others, learn coping skills, establish goals and plans of action, and ultimately assist children in becoming more effective and efficient learners.