Special Education Services

  • The Special Education services for each student with disabilities are written into the student's Individualized Education Program (IEP). Services may be provided in a variety of settings, with the goal being to educate each student in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE); which means providing services in the general education classroom environment to the maximum extent possible.

    The following list of educational settings is in order from the least restrictive environment to the most restrictive environment.

    Educational Settings

    Collaboration/Consultation Services - General Education Classroom(s)

    Collaboration/consultation services focus on intervention specialists and general educators working collaboratively to best meet the needs of students with disabilities.

    Resource Services - Intervention Classroom(s)

    The Resource Services support children whose disabilities require a specially designed instruction that may occur outside of the general education classroom. Continued participation in the child's regular class activities is encouraged. The Resource Rooms offer a modified curriculum which provides a student with a disability a personalized option that allows for additional support in the identified area(s) of need.

    Separate Facility

    Separate facilities are, typically, schools outside of the district that are designed specifically for students with disabilities.  In order to place a student at a separate facility, it is an IEP team decision, where the District will work collaboratively with parent(s)/guardian(s) and other team members to make the best decision possible to meet the student's needs.

    Home Instruction

    Home instruction is an individualized education program provided at home or an agreed upon public location.  These services are offered to a child with a disability or medical condition which prevents the child from attending the IEP team's agreed upon placement for special education services.  This is an IEP team decision and typically requires medical documentation.  Should the child be hospitalized, the District will work with the student and family/caregiver(s) to set up home instruction services or programming that may be available through the hospital.

    Related Services

    Related Services are support services needed to allow children with disabilities to benefit from special education. These may include:

    • Adapted Physical Education Services
    • Orientation & Mobility Services
    • Occupational Therapy Services
    • School Psychological Services
    • Physical Therapy ServicesTransportation
    • Speech and Language Services
    • Transition Services
    • Aide Services

    Other Support Personnel/Programs

    • Mental Health Services
    • Nursing Services
    • Audiological Services
    • Interpreter Services
    • BCBA Services


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