One-to-One Initiative

  • Intermediate School photo We have exciting news for the 2018-19 school year about a One-to-One Technology initiative at New Albany Intermediate School.  “One-to-One” refers to having one technology device per student at our school. An Apple iPad will be issued to all Intermediate School students for the 2018-19 school year to use at school, and in some cases, at home.  This initiative will allow our students to have immediate access to an iPad for internet research, to write papers, to access online textbooks, to create presentations, and many more functions that were not readily available last school year.

    During the 2017-18 year, our district’s Department of Technology researched a plan for the gradual implementation of a One-to-One technology program for the entire school campus. Based on funding and staffing, this initiative will begin with grades four through six at the Intermediate School for this school year. The program was piloted by several teachers in our building last year and will be expanded to all intermediate classrooms this year.  

    For the fourth grade students, the new iPad devices will be used exclusively in the classrooms and will not be brought home for evening or weekend use.

    For the fifth and sixth grade students, the iPads can be brought home in the evenings and weekends for academic purposes.

    While the device is at school, students will be required to use the school network to sign in to access the internet to ensure our protective content filters are in place.  Software, or “apps”, will be limited to what the school will make available on each device for educational purposes. Teachers will have the ability to control all student iPads. Additionally, fifth and sixth parents will be given the ability to track the usage of the device when it is not on the school’s network.

    The iPads will include a sturdy case for protection and students will receive instruction from our staff on how to properly care for the devices.  External keyboards will be available at school for writing papers or keyboarding practice when necessary.

    For detailed information about the Intermediate School’s One-to One Technology initiative, please refer to the handbook developed by the Department of Technology at this link.

    We look forward to an outstanding school year and to the increased access to technology which will add to the dynamic instruction your student will experience in the coming year.

    Please feel free to reach out with any questions about this exciting initiative at New Albany Intermediate School and we look forward to welcoming our students back to school on August 16.

    Katie Nowak - Principal, New Albany Intermediate School 
    Scott Emery - Director of Elementary Education
    Mike Voss - Director of Technology


    Frequently Asked Questions - One to One Initiative

    Q: Why did we choose Apple devices?

    • Over 90% of our students bring an Apple device to school on a regular basis
    • Mobility
    • More education apps than other platforms
    • More functionality than a Chromebook
    • Higher Ed institutions are also moving to one-to-one with iOS devices (e.g., OSU)

    Q: Will there be a keyboard?

    • There will be keyboards available in school for those students who need one.

    Q: What are the components each student will receive?

    • iPad
    • Power adapter and cable
    • Protective case

    Q: How will I monitor my child’s internet activity?

    • We will be using a mobile device management system called ZuluDesk that features a parent app that allows the monitoring of internet usage.

    Q: What if I do not have internet access at home?

    • Many of the apps will work offline, so internet access is not necessary.

    Q: We already have an iPad, can my child use that device at school?

    • Each student will need to use the district-issued iPad while at school.
    • We need to be able to secure and manage the devices we use for online testing.
    • Teachers need to be able to monitor and control student devices during class.
    • We need to ensure consistency for all our students.

    Q: May students opt-out of receiving an iPad?

    • Each student will need to receive a district-issued iPad.
    • Students will need the device to complete digital school work.
    • Students will need the device for online testing.
    • Curriculum work will be featured on the device.

    Q: Who owns the iPad?

    • New Albany-Plain Local Schools maintains ownership.

    Q: When will they be issued?

    • During the first week of school.

    Q: Is there a cost to our family?  

    • There is a $35 charge built into the annual school fees that allows the replacement or repair of a damaged iPad for up to two accidents. For more details about the coverage provided by the fee, please review the Intermediate School One-To-One Handbook

    Q: What is the plan for other buildings & grade levels?


One-to-One Handbook

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