The Noble Academy at NAHS


  • The program provides a highly structured and personalized on-line college and career ready learning environment that supports each student individually in academic, elective, and social-emotional competencies.

    • Curriculum specifically designed for grade 11-12 students who face challenges in the traditional school setting.
    • Utilizes community and work study resources available with the local community.
    • Requires student completion of an individual career-graduation plan.
    • Creates an individual Social & Emotional Learning Plan.

Student Qualifications

  • Students must be referred to the program by school counselors and meet a combination of the following criteria:

    • Junior/Senior status receives priority
    • Chronically absent (as defined by HB 410)
    • Credit deficient (earned D's or F's in core courses)
    • Frequent behavioral incidents with documented interventions
    • Not responding to interventions in a traditional classroom
    • Facing significant personal challenges - substance abuse, trauma, social and emotional health concerns, medical concerns

Curriculum & Instruction

  • Apex Example Screens

    The Noble Academy uses the APEX on-line learning software with the computer serving as the instructor. Certified teachers and an educational assistant are present daily in the classrooms to provide on-on-one and small group support. If determined appropriate by the MTSS (Multi-Tiered Systems of Support) team, students will be allowed to continue access to performing arts/visual arts curriculum within the traditional school. All other electives will be taken through APEX on-line learning software.

    Comprehensive Courses provide a complete course of study to address the needs of all students, from getting back on track to creating opportunities for advanced course work.

    Adaptive Tutorials offer seamless, personalized instruction, practice, and review to ensure all students reach and exceed grade-level mastery so they pass their classes the first time, excel on high-stakes exams, and are prepared for postsecondary success.

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Concord Prevention Services

  • All students in Noble academy have access to our Concord Prevention Clinicians, Laura Vermilion, MA, LSW, and Natalie May, BA, QMHS. Preventative well-being educational programming will be provided in the classroom. 

    The topics are relevant to our students' overall social and emotional well-being. Group discussion and education will focus on the areas of self-acceptance, emotions and coping, beliefs and behaviors, problem-solving and decision making, and interpersonal relationships. The Thinking, Feeling, Behaving Curriculum for Adolescents, by Ann Vernon, will be utilized to address these subjects. In addition to general well-being education, the Safety First curriculum will be used to provide drug prevention education, including peer pressure refusal strategies. This program is completely voluntary.

  • Noble Contact List


  • Students succeed by identifying and removing barriers to achievement

    Students gain key life skills to be successful after high school

    Students establish positive relationships with New Albany High School teachers

    Students experience educational opportunities in academic development and civic leadership

Daily Schedule

  • Morning Session:

    Report Time: 7:40 a.m.
    Dismissal Time: 10:40 a.m.


    Afternoon Session:

    Report Time: 11:15 a.m.
    Dismissal Time: 2:15 p.m.


  • Morning Session:

    Arrival: bus transportation available
    Dismissal: student/parent provided only


    Afternoon Session:

    Arrival: student/parent provided only
    Dismissal: bus transportation available


  • New Albany High School will provide all necessary technology resources but students are welcome to bring their own laptops


  • New Albany High School Library

    New Albany High School Library
    (H Building)