New Albany - Plain Local Schools Technology Roadmap

  • Purpose
    The New Albany-Plain Local Schools' Technology Roadmap is designed to provide
    district administrators, staff, students and community members both a vision of
    technology use in our schools, and information to help make future decisions. The
    Roadmap will align classroom integration, software, devices and infrastructure to ensure
    the district’s technology resources are used effectively and efficiently. At the core of the
    Technology Roadmap is alignment to the district’s purpose: To create a culture of
    accountability that achieves the best academic and developmental outcomes for each

    The Technology Roadmap contains three narrative sections illustrated by the image
    below (software and devices are combined into one section). Each of these sections
    describes the current state in the district based on survey results, interviews and
    observations. These sections also contain a description of an ideal state developed by a
    committee comprised of 22 district employees. After the three sections is a detailed plan
    with goals, benchmarks and action steps. This plan will allow the district to reach its
    ideal state in three years.

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