• Calculating a Grade in 6th Grade Social Studies

    Final Test/Projects:  75%      Homework: 25%

    Students are offered the chance to retake a written assessment if they do not demonstrate mastery by earning an 75% or higher.  The highest grade that can be earned on a retake assessment is 75%. Students who demonstrate mastery by scoring a C or higher are not able to retake the written assessment.  The most important goal is for the student to show they understand the concepts, not always get that "A."  In fact, the students are often motivated to prepare in advance if they earned and keep the "B" on the last assessment. Life lessons like these will pay off later. 

    Late homework and projects are accepted as long as we are in the same unit.  It is not beneficial to do something from 7 weeks ago when we are no longer studying it.  Again, the goal is to teach concepts and responsibility, not always getting that "A."  Points may be taken off for being late. 


    This seems very rigid and a lot for an 11-year-old.  Trust me, it is not.  Last year, only 6% of students earned lower than a C in social studies on a report card.  Be aware that the remaining 92% did not all earn an "A."  If you consistently turn in work late and incomplete projects, do you deserve an "A?"  I feel it is very important to learn that life lesson now, not when the class grade is recorded on the high school transcipt.  For these reasons, there is no extra credit offered.