Frequently Asked Questions banner tile for well being initiative
  • Q: I want to be involved. How do I do that?
    A: Contact Jon Hood at, telephone 614-413-7109.

    Q: I would like to support this effort financially. How do I do that?

    A: Contact Craig Mohre at, 614-939-8150.

    Q: What are the specific desired outcomes of this initiative and how will you measure success?

    A: We are currently finalizing the scope of our initiative. We then will start with the end in mind and identify the outcomes we want to see five and 10 years out and then create key performance indicator (KPI) measurements.

    Q: Are the schools the appropriate venue for this kind of effort?

    A: Yes, most children, 70% to 80%, who receive mental health services, starts within a school.

    Q: Who are the organizational partners that will enable you to carry out your mission?
    A: Our community partners include Healthy New Albany, OSU, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, ADAMH, Concord Counseling and Maryhaven.

    Q: Who is funding this work?
    A: Currently, funding has come from private donations, ADAMH, and a New Albany Community Foundation well-being fund recently established.

    Q: Are there examples of other communities that provide a road map for New Albany’s efforts?

    A: We are currently creating a national network to explore the best-in-class programs starting with Mariel Hemingway and Patrick Kennedy.