Senior Year Timeline

    • Make sure you have all applications required for college admission and financial aid. Write, phone, or use the internet to request information.
    • Make a chart with all deadlines for your applications and financial aid and then FOLLOW THEM!! 
    • See your counselor to discuss colleges.
    • Attend Senior College & Financial Aid meeting (at McCoy Center)  to discuss college applications and financial aid (including scholarships).
    • Register for the ACT or SAT or SAT Subject Tests if you will be taking a test in your senior year.
    • If your college applications require recommendation letters, ask the teachers to write on your behalf. Please allow teachers at least two weeks to complete your recommendation. Provide recommendation forms and any special instructions. Write a thank you letter to the teacher afterwards and keep the teacher posted on your college decisions.
    • Work on your essays and have an English teacher review them with you.
    • Continue to visit colleges and schedule interviews if allowed.
    • Bring college application materials in plenty of time to reach the colleges by deadlines to the College Center with a transcript release form for processing. If a recommendation letter from your counselor is needed allow three weeks for processing.
    • APPLY NOW for Early Action or Early Decision. Your other applications are also welcomed early. Keep a copy for yourself.
    • Have official test scores sent to colleges on your list if needed.
    • Obtain a FAFSA form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) from the College Center.
    • Complete the FAFSA and mail (or complete on web) as soon as possible after October 1. Parents and students should use their previous year's tax records to complete the form.  (
    • After completing your FAFSA for financial aid you will be receiving an SAR (Student Aid Report) within four weeks. Review this document for accuracy very carefully.
    • Be sure your first quarter grades are good.
    • Continue completing applications and following deadlines.
    • See your counselor to discuss your college list.
    • Keep working in your classes.
    • Monitor all of your college applications and keep track of your notifications and deadlines.
    • Continue to complete scholarship applications
    • Stay focused and keep studying – only a couple more months to go.
    • You will have all of your college application acceptances by April 1st. Review your college options and financial aid packages very carefully as you make your final decisions. You will need to make a final decision by May 1st.
    • By May 1, decide on the one college that you will attend. By May 1st, send in your tuition deposit to that college. Notify the other schools to whom you were accepted, but will not attend that will not be attending. That spot may go to someone else who wants it!
    • AP Exams.
    • Internships.
    • Notify your counselor where you will be attending college next year so that a final transcript can be sent to that college.