Freshman Year Timeline


    It’s not too early to plan for college!

    • Build strong academic, language, mathematics, and critical thinking by taking challenging coursework.
    • Plan to attend the “Early College Planning” meeting given by Mrs. Drugan in January. At this meeting we will discuss the college planning process and will hear from an admission representative.
    • Study hard and work towards the best grades you can earn!!!!
    • Visit the Naviance website to research colleges and careers
    • Strengthen your vocabulary by increasing the amount and content of your reading.
    • Become involved! Extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are ideal avenues to pursue. Choose a couple that are interesting to you and become active within them.
    • Meet with your counselor to discuss your plans for the next four years.
    • Browse through college literature in the College Center or log in to Naviance. See what kinds of schools look interesting to you.
    • Check out what high school courses colleges require.
    • Know NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Assn.) requirements if you want to play sports in college. (
    • Research career possibilities.
    • Organize a family plan to explore paying for college.
    • Keep an academic portfolio and co-curricular record.