Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Norman

I am so happy to be helping you grow in your mathematical thinking and skills this year.  My current role is math instructional coach and gifted specialist at NAIS. I love working with students on learning new strategies in math and engaging in mathematical conversations.  I have been teaching at New Albany Schools for over 20 years and have held multiple positions which include fourth grade teacher, math intervention specialist, and gifted specialist.  I graduated from Bowling Green State University with both my Bachelor of Education and Master of Education degrees.  

This summer I enjoyed camping with my family around Ohio since my husband, Andy, and I are both teachers at New Albany.  We enjoyed swimming, hiking, kayaking, and biking.  Our children, Addie and Colin, attend New Albany Schools.  Colin will be a fourth grader this year and Addie a sixth grader.  Our family is looking forward to another wonderful year of learning at New Albany Schools!   Go Eagles!


  • Puzzles to solve

     How many puzzles were you able to crack without looking at the answers?  I am so excited to be working with you this year!  

    Answers to puzzles listed above:   1. Nineteen;  2. Bowling Green;  3. Reading and Gifted;  4. Tenth; 5.Maine, whale, Massachusetts, Freedom Trail, Crab;  6. Addison and Colin


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