• English Learner

English Learners (EL)

  • New Albany Plain Local Schools continues to experience significant population growth. Not only has the population increased in size, but the diversity has also expanded.  As a result, our English Learners (EL) population has more than doubled in the past six years and continues to grow every day.  We currently have over 175 EL students in grades K-12.  Our EL students are immersed in our schools in all general classrooms and are supported according to their level of proficiency.  We provide English support through a variety of strategies depending on the need of the child, including the use of inclusion, pull-out programs, and additional support as needed.  In addition, the EL Staff works closely with the classroom teachers in maximizing academic vocabulary development.  Through working collaboratively, our program’s goal is to have students become proficient in English in a timely matter.



Language Assistance

  • It is the expectation and objective of New Albany Plain Local Schools to
    cultivate partnerships with families and communities to ensure meaningful
    engagement and communication with ELL (English Language Learner)
    students and families.

    As policy states, NAPLS will communicate with families in a format and
    language that is understandable, to the extent practicable related to the
    education of all students including all services, activities, and programs
    available in the district.

    All services needed to comply with this policy will be provided for students
    and their families in need of assistance free of charge.

言語支援 (英語で学習する上で受けられるサービス)

  • 本校では、ELL(英語学習者)である児童・生徒と そのご家族との間に有意義なコミュニケーションを確



Asistencia con el idioma

  • Es la expectativa y el objetivo de las escuelas locales de New Albany Plain cultivar asociaciones con las familias y la comunidad para garantizar una participación y comunicación significativa con los estudiantes y las familias de ELL (aprendices del idioma inglés).  

    Como establece la política, NAPLS se comunicará con las familias en un formato y lenguaje que sea comprensible, en la medida de lo posible en relación con la educación de todos los estudiantes, incluidos todos los servicios, actividades y programas disponibles en el distrito.

    Todos los servicios necesarios para cumplir con esta política serán proporcionados de forma gratuita a los estudiantes y familias que necesiten asistencia.