English Language Learners (ELL)

  • New Albany Plain Local Schools continues to experience a significant population growth. Not only has the population increased in size, but the diversity has also expanded.  As a result, our English Language Learners (ELL) population has more than doubled in the past six years and continues to grow every day.  We currently have over 175 ELL students in grades K-12.  Our ELL students are immersed in our schools in all general classrooms and are supported according to their level of proficiency.  We provide English support through a variety of strategies depending on the need of the child, including the use of inclusion, pull-out programs, and additional support as needed.  In addition, the ELL Staff works closely with the classroom teachers in maximizing academic vocabulary development.  Through working collaboratively, our program’s goal is to have students become proficient in English in a timely matter.

    Want more English practice for you or your student? Click here for great links and resources.

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      Our NAPLS families come from all over the world.  

English Language Learning Services

  • Pull Out Instruction

    • Some beginning and/or intermediate language students receive ELL Instruction
    • Content area learning and vocabulary development may be reinforced during this time

    Collaborative Instructional Services

    • High intermediate and advanced students
    • Support given in the classroom through collaboration between Classroom Teacher and ELL Staff

    ELL Assisted Study Center

    • ELL Staff provides instructional assistance in content areas and English language

    Monitoring Advanced/Trial Mainstream

    • Student participates in Mainstream Language Arts and content area classes
    • ELL Teacher monitors progress for continued success in reading, writing, speaking and listening

NAPLS ELL Department Goals

    1. Assure that ELL students attain English proficiency.
    2. Integrate language and content instruction to develop academic competencies.
    3. Meet the same challenging academic achievement standards as all other students.


    Ohio English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards

    Ohio’s strategic plan for education, Each Child, Our Future, highlights the importance of providing accessible, high-quality instruction to support English learners. In addition, Each Child Means Each Child: Ohio’s Plan to Improve Learning Experiences and Outcomes for Students with Disabilities offers recommendations to guide the inclusion of students with disabilities and their families.

    Ohio English Language Proficiency Standards and the Ohio Learning Standards-Extended for English Language Proficiency describe expectations for the effective instruction of all students who are English learners, including those with the most significant cognitive disabilities. Ohio English Language Proficiency Standards apply to all English learners attending Ohio’s public and nonpublic schools in grades K-12. The Ohio English Language Proficiency Standards are the basis for integrated English language instruction as measured by the current Ohio English Language Proficiency Screener and Ohio English Language Proficiency Assessment.

    ELP Standards

    ELP Extended Standards

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  • K-12 ELL Department Support
    Sheila Saunders
    Tracy Quillin, District EL Coordinator
    Early Learning Center
    Elena Golikov
    Primary (Grades 1-3)
    Cynthia Delong
    Heather Olsen

    Alba Arellano Gonzalez
    Intermediate (Grades 4-6)
    Jalana Mejia
    Wahida Sultana

    Middle School 
    Kaylin Haugen
    High School
    Carl Moeckel
  • Languages of 
    our ELL Students
       Japanese Chinese 
       Arabic  Korean
       Spanish  Vietnamese
       Tamil  Telugu
       Amharic  Kannada
       Bengal  Malayalam
       Bulgarian  Oromo
       Ibo  Polish
       Swedish  Portuguese
       Ewe  Punjabi
       Fulani  Russian
       French  German
       Gujarati  Somali
       Macedonian  Marathi
       Hindi  Urdu