• Instructions for Public Participation Based on COVID-19

    In accordance with the public health order, “all public and private gatherings of greater than 10 people occurring outside a single household and connected property are prohibited, except for the limited purposes permitted by Orders of the Director of Health.” This is in accordance with President Trump’s coronavirus guidelines issued March 16, 2020.

    The Board of Education and select administrators will be in-person, wearing masks and following social distancing protocols for this meeting at our Annex Building. At no time will we exceed the limit of 10 people authorized by the Health Order. The meeting will continue to be accessible electronically via live stream to the public on our Youtube Channel.

    In an effort to be responsive to our public, the Board of Education will welcome the public to participate in-person during the public participation section of the Agenda. Public participation is scheduled during the middle of the agenda.

    To do so, any person who intends to address the Board of Education during public participation must:

    1. Form a single file line on the sidewalk outside the front entrance of the Annex building at 79 N. High Street. School security personnel will be available for assistance.

    2. Wear a face covering/mask and maintain social distancing of 6-ft in accordance with health orders at all times while waiting to participate.

    3. Agree not to enter the building until invited to do so by a school administrator. Participants will only be permitted into the meeting one at a time.

    With proper social distancing, each participant will be directed to follow the floor markings into the Board Room for public participation. You must keep your face covering/mask on at all times when inside the building.

    Upon arrival to the Board Room, the participant will stand on an “x” in front of a podium, microphone, and laptop. The microphone will be adjusted by a staff member if necessary. The laptop will be recording your public participation and streaming your comments to the YouTube
    Channel during our Zoom meeting. Please kindly refrain from touching any of the technology in front of you.

    Each participant will be directed when ready to begin.

    • Please state your name and address for the record.

    • Each participant will be permitted up to five (5) minutes for public participation.

    • The Treasurer will provide you with a one (1) minute warning before your time expires.

    After each participant concludes public participation, please follow the directional arrows that will allow you to safely exit the Board Room. When in the hallway, please continue to follow the floor markings that will take you to an exterior exit. Please exit the doorway and make sure it is closed behind you.

    Review the Public Participation Guidelines