• NAHS has agreements with Columbus State, Kenyon and Wright State for specific courses, however, you can choose to take College Credit Plus courses from any college that offers a course that would benefit your future. This could include online courses. 

    Once you identify the university or college you would like to attended for College Credit Plus, you can go to their website and complete the application—each school has their own process and procedures; as well as their own requirements to enroll in College Credit Plus.


    TAKING A CLASS AT A COLLEGE -on their campus or online?


    Step 1:  Watch videos!  Discuss the options, pros & cons with school counselor and as a family.

    Step 2:  Complete the online Letter of Intent .

    Step 3:  Apply to the college you’d like to attend. See links on side menu.

    Step 4:  Upon acceptance, follow the registration procedures outlined by the college.  This may include placement testing, orientation, registration appointments, etc.  You MUST check your college email for important updates!

    Step 5:  Alert your school counselor of your intentions to enroll in a CCP course.  Once registered for courses, provide a copy of college schedule to school counselor.

    Step 6:  Before buying books, check the NAHS College Book inventory to avoid being charged for texts.

    Step 7:  Follow college guidelines for purchasing any books not available in the NAHS College Book inventory.

    Step 8:  Be aware of drop/add deadlines.

    Step 9:  Utlilize campus resources and professor office hours to do your best in your classes.

    Step 10: Return all college textbooks to NAHS at the end of the course.  Families will be charged for any texts not returned.