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    Tom Rinaldi  
    Tom Rinaldi will visit our HS students on December 10, 2019.  Tom Rinaldi is a reporter for ESPN and ABC based in New York. He has contributed to Sports Center, Outside the Lines, College Game Day and Sunday NFL Countdown.  Rinaldi has won multiple Regional Emmy Awards, Associated Press Awards and a USA Today Feature-of-the-Year award. His book The Red Bandanna was named a New York Times Bestseller.  You can find more information about Tom Rinaldi here

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    Please fill out the Google Form below to request a pass to visit the library during your study center.  You will get a form email sent to your email address after you fill out the form.  That email will serve as your hall pass.  You may also get a paper pass from Mrs. Shackelford, Mr. Mitchell or Mrs. Goldhardt.  

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    Eagle Period:  Eagle period is full today 9/18.  Please do not come if you were not able to fill out the online pass.  You may sign up to come to the library next Eagle period.  Thank you.

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