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  • May 2024 Visit with Josh Funk at New Albany Primary 

    Josh Funk writes silly stories and somehow tricks people into publishing them as books - such as the Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast series (including The Case of the Stinky Stench and Mission Defrostable), the How to Code with Pearl and Pascal series, the It's Not a Fairy Tale series, Lost in the Library: A Story of Patience and Fortitude (in conjunction with the New York Public Library), Dear Dragon, Albie Newton, Pirasaurs!, and more coming soon!​ Since the fall of 2015, Josh has visited (or virtually visited) over 300 schools, classrooms, and libraries. Josh is a board member of The Writers' Loft in Sherborn, MA and was the co-coordinator of the 2016 and 2017 New England Regional SCBWI Conferences. Josh grew up in New England and studied Computer Science in school. Today, he still lives in New England and when not writing Java code or Python scripts, he drinks Java coffee and writes manuscripts.

    Learn more about his current and forthcoming titles at

    Special thanks to our sponsors for supporting our Josh Funk visit: The New Albany Community Foundation, NAWN, and the Primary PTO.  

Josh Funk
  •  Dear Unicorn

    Dear Unicorn

    by Josh Funk Year Published: 2023

    Connie's art class is partnering up with pen pals this year, and she loves exchanging letters with her new friend, Nic, even though the two of them are polar opposites. Connie takes her art seriously and thinks things like kittens are nothing more than a distraction, while Nic has a more whimsical approach to painting and knows the value of a good cupcake. But both are eagerly awaiting the end of year pen pal art festival where their two classes will finally meet.

    But they're in for quite the shock: Connie doesn't know Nic is a unicorn. And Nic has no clue that Connie is a human.

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  •  My Pet Feet

    My Pet Feet

    by Josh Funk Year Published: 2022

    A little girl wakes up one day to find that R, a vital piece of the alphabet, has vanished! Suddenly, she has pet feet instead of a ferret. Flocks of cows replace crows flying in the sky. Giant shoes (not shores!) live on the sandy beaches of her town.

    What could have happened to the eighteenth letter of the alphabet? Did it get lost—or stolen? One way or another, the town needs to be saved!

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  •  It's Not the Three Little Pigs

    It's Not the Three Little Pigs

    by Josh Funk Year Published: 2022

    Meet the three (ahem—four!) little pigs as they convince the narrator to tell a slightly different version of their fairy tale:
    First there’s Alan, the one pig in the bunch who is actually a builder. He’s got a BIG problem with building a home out of flimsy straw. Next there’s Alfred, who wants to be an actor and wouldn’t dream of getting his hands dirty. Then we have Alvin, whose dream is to be . . . a pumpkin. Last but not least is Alison, the fourth pig who is ready to bring some flair to this story, if only she can get the narrator to agree to a few changes. . . . And what about that wolf?

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  •  The Great Caper Caper

    The Great Caper Caper

    by Josh Funk Year Published: 2022

    Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast awake one morning to near-darkness. Who could possibly have stolen the fridge light? And what if the fridge is—gasp—dark all the time? Not to worry; Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast are on the case! Along with their friends, they assemble blueprints, collect supplies, and investigate. Will they bring the fridge back to its bright self, or will they have to live in semi-darkness . . . forever?.

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  •  How to Code a Rollercoster

    How to Code a Rollercoaster

    by Josh Funk Year Published: 2019

    Pearl and her trusty robot, Pascal, are in for a treat: a day at the amusement park! They’re excited to play games, eat ice cream, and, of course, ride all the rollercoasters. There’s just one problem: the Python Coaster, the biggest and best ride in the park, also has the longest line. Can Pearl and Pascal use CODE to help them get a seat on the giant coaster? By mastering the use of variables, sequences, loops, conditionals, and more, this duo just might get the ride of their dreams—while having the time of their lives.

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  •  Lost in the Library

    Lost in the Library

    by Josh Funk Year Published: 2018

    LOST IN THE LIBRARY is the first picture book about Patience and Fortitude, the two lion statues that faithfully guard the New York Public Library. When Patience goes missing, Fortitude realizes the secret to Patience's disappearance may be within the Library itself.

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