Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply to use facilities at the New Albany – Plain Local School District?
    Open an internet browser and navigate to Fill out the community member registration form. After filling out the form you will be sent an email with a confirmation link. Simply click the link to confirm your account and log in.  

    Do I need to have insurance for my activity?
    Yes. Prior to scheduling, the group or organization must provide a copy of its liability insurance policy as an attachment or contact the Administrative Office at 614-413-7118

    How do we know that our group has been confirmed to use the facility?
    Once a request has been made, it will be assigned a number and generate an email notification to you. You may view the status of your request at New request will have a “pending” status until they have been approved by NAPLS.

    Can I submit a request the same day I would like to use the facility?
    Facilities use require a minimum of seven (7) business days to process your request.

    How will our group be invoiced?
    Once your request has been approved, the NAPLS Facilities Team will provide an estimate for the cost of your event. You will be notified of this estimate with an email. Once you have accepted the estimate, you will receive an email with an invoice attached.

    When is payment due?
    Any applicable fees must be received by the Treasurer a minimum of seven (7) calendar days before the scheduled usage or the use will not be permitted unless authorized by the administration.

    Who do I make check payable to, and where do we send it?
    Checks should be made payable to New Albany – Plain Local School District (NAPLS). To the attention of Catherine Neff, Fiscal Specialist at 55 North High Street, New Albany, Ohio 43054.

    Why did our invoice increase after my activity?
    Activities involving prolonged set-ups, use, clean-up, damaged property and/or special services may require an additional fee.

    Where does the revenue collected from facilities usage fees go?
    Fees assessed are to cover district personnel, heat, light, and maintenance of the facilities.

    How do I cancel an activity?
    Once you receive an estimate, you may click “Decline Estimate” and this will cancel the request. If you need to cancel after accepting terms, you will need to contact Catherine Neff, Fiscal Specialist at 614-413-7118. Cancellation fee may apply.

    I called the school and got verbal approval for my rental. Is that all I need to do?
    Although you may discuss your event with a NAPLS staff member, you still need to register with FMX and make the request online. See “How do I apply to use...” above.

    I am renting a field/facility and it rained/snowed earlier in the day. How do I determine if the field/facility is open?
    Check our school website for school closing information or call the administration office at 614-855-2040.  

    My coach is a teacher at the school. Why do we have to have a custodian on weekends or when school is closed?

    May I use the schools equipment?
    Equipment usage is subject to availability. Equipment must be requested at the time of the initial request. If District personnel are required to be present during use of equipment, personnel rates will apply.

    I still have more questions. Who do I call for more information regarding use of facilities?
    Please contact the Administrative Office at 614-413-7118.